THE CORRESPONDENCE March 1873 [chapter]

The Correspondence of Charles Darwin  
% Vallee E. ThQmas, CheHenhaUl Schoo], For Boys Cheltenham, Maryland Febr. 6, IGH Dear Jil1: ;t I've b"?en East Scrne monthsl' visithlg iU,:/ brother in Mrylann. and fri~nf1s in ','.Jashingtor.. ';'-lrl in New. Yor1::. ~_nd New' J. crney undo h~ve bee!~~ vine: as good 8. tJ me a lNCI r In thJ.3 wc rId -e'.nrJ. TP_y ha V1 ng been 'very ill part of the ·bime since I've been East, ]J3 rmitj.
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