Part 43: Amendment 43-17: Continuation Of Flight With Inoperative Anticollision Light

This amendment clarifies the continuation of flight provisions in the event of the failure of anticollision lights and withdraws that portion of Draft Release No. 61-22 requiring flight recorders on certain large aircraft. The Federal Aviation Agency published as a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (26 F. R, 9916) and circulated as Civil Air Regulations Draft Release No. 61-22 dated October 16, 1961, a proposal to amend Part 43 of the Civil Air Regulations to require the installation and use of
more » ... roved flight recorders on all large (more than 12,500 pounds maximum certificated takeoff weight) airplanes certificated for operation above 25,000 feet altitude, and on all large turbine-powered air planes. In addition, Draft Release 61-22 proposed an amendment to Part 43 which would clarify the provisions for continuation of flight with inoperative anticollision lights.
doi:10.21949/1516423 fatcat:a5hpkoc2gvgy3mjhfrkqvit6xq