Mn L3,2 X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy And Magnetic Circular Dichroism In Ferromagnetic Ga1−xMnxP

P. R. Stone, M. A. Scarpulla, R. Farshchi, I. D. Sharp, J. W. Beeman, K. M. Yu, E. Arenholz, J. Denlinger, E. E. Haller, O. D. Dubon
2007 AIP Conference Proceedings  
We have measured the X-ray absorption (XAS) and X-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD) at the Mn L3,2 edges in ferromagnetic Ga1-xMnxP films for 0.018<x<0.042. Large XMCD asymmetries at the L3 edge indicate significant spin-polarization of the density of states at the Fermi energy. The spectral shapes of the XAS and XMCD are nearly identical with those for Ga1-xMnxAs indicating that the hybridization of Mn d states and anion p states is similar in the two materials. Finally, compensation with
more » ... sulfur donors not only lowers the ferromagnetic Curie temperature but also reduces the spin polarization of the hole states.
doi:10.1063/1.2730317 fatcat:5axrh37j3beilj2tkdj3zf7vti