Automated MCNP photon source generation for arbitrary configurations of radioactive materials and first-principles calculations of photon detector responses [report]

G.P. Estes, R.G. Schrandt, J.T. Kriese
1988 unpublished
A patch to the Los Alamos Monte Carlo code MCNP has been developed that automates the generation of source descriptions for photons from arbitrary mixtures and configurations of radioactive isotopes. Photon branching ratios for decay processes are obtained from national and international data bases and accessed directly from computer files. Code user input is generally confined to readily available information such as density, isotopic weight fractions, atomic numbers, etc. of isotopes and
more » ... f isotopes and material compositions. The availability of this capability in conjunction with the "generalized source" capability of MCNP Version 3A makes possible the rapid and accurate description of photon sources from complex mixtures and configurations of radioactive materials, resulting in improved radiation transport predictive capabilities. This capability is combined with a first-principles calculation of photon spectrometer response-functions for Nal, BGO, and HPGe for £ 7 < 1 MeV,
doi:10.2172/5186273 fatcat:cekqixtxb5d3pnbnzk6a23eyi4