Detection and Characterization of Meteotsunamis in the Gulf of Genoa

Picco, Schiano, Incardone, Repetti, Demarte, Pensieri, Bozzano
2019 Journal of Marine Science and Engineering  
A long-term time series of high-frequency sampled sea-level data collected in the port of Genoa were analyzed to detect the occurrence of meteotsunami events and to characterize them. Time-frequency analysis showed well-developed energy peaks on a 26–30 minute band, which are an almost permanent feature in the analyzed signal. The amplitude of these waves is generally few centimeters but, in some cases, they can reach values comparable or even greater than the local tidal elevation. In the
more » ... vation. In the perspective of sea-level rise, their assessment can be relevant for sound coastal work planning and port management. Events having the highest energy were selected for detailed analysis and the main features were identified and characterized by means of wavelet transform. The most important one occurred on 14 October 2016, when the oscillations, generated by an abrupt jump in the atmospheric pressure, achieved a maximum wave height of 50 cm and lasted for about three hours.
doi:10.3390/jmse7080275 fatcat:7l2eb4uixzevpirp7x2ioox5zm