Paurāṇic Influence on the Assamese Folk Songs

Dr. Jewti Boruah
2018 Pracya  
The purāṇas have great influence on the society and culture of Assam along with the other Indian cultures. An immense numbers of folk literature and traditions of different tribes and races of Assam enrich the Assamese culture. Many folk songs are sung by the people of Assam in various occasions. These songs are greatly influenced by the events of different ages. Hence, the influences of purāṇas are also observed in these songs. In this paper, an attempt will be made to highlight the Paurāṇic
more » ... fluence on the Assamese folk songs through some references. The purāṇas are considered as the sources of knowledge. They have great influence on Indian society and culture through the ages. This influence of purāṇas also extends to the society and culture of Assam along with the other Indian cultures. It is well known that Assam is a land of many races and tribes. Therefore there are a large number of cultural elements present in the heart of Assam. The Assamese culture contains immense number of folk literature and traditions. The traditional beliefs, superstitions, myths, customs, tales, and practices etc. of the people of this land vary from tribe to tribe, community to community. This may be different but all of them contribute for the enrichment of the Assamese society and culture. Like any other region of the country some folksongs are traditionally sung by the people of Assam and they occupy a peculiar position in the Assamese culture. Here are various types of folk songs in the storehouse of Assamese culture
doi:10.22271/pracya.2018.v10.i1.18 fatcat:pyhpi2qqqbh3repde74qkl7d7i