Computer Simulation of Polyethylene Terephthalate Carbonated Beverage Bottle Bottom Structure Based on Manual–Automatic Double-Adjustment Optimization

Shangjie Ge-Zhang, Xiaoli Chen, Haotong Zhu, Yuan Song, Yuyang Ding, Jingang Cui
2022 Polymers  
PET bottlesare often used as airtight containers for filling carbonated drinks. Because carbonated drinks contain large volumes of CO2 gas, the container needs to bear a tremendous pressure from the inside of the bottle.If the stress exceeds the bearing limit, the material will show the phenomenon of local cracking and liquid overflow.For the structural design, the method of manual adjustment before automatic adjustment was adopted. First, through manual optimization, the initial optimal
more » ... er combination was as follows:the inner diameter of the bottle bottom was 17 mm, the dip angle of the valley bottom was 81°, the deepest part of the valley bottom was 25 mm, and the outer diameter was 27 mm. Comsol software was used for automatic optimization. Compared with the original bottle bottom, the total maximum principal stress and total elastic strain energy in the bottle bottom after manual–automatic double optimization decreased by 69.4% and 40.0%, respectively, and the displacement caused by deformation decreased by 0.60 mm (74.1%). The extremely high reduction ratio was caused by manual–automatic double optimization.
doi:10.3390/polym14142845 pmid:35890620 pmcid:PMC9321216 fatcat:glukkgk7mvcg7ajenhkpzot5su