Carrier diffusion measurements in InSb by the angular dependence of degenerate four-wave mixing

D. J. Hagan, H. A. MacKenzie, H. A. Al Attar, W. J. Firth
1985 Optics Letters  
Studies of the angular dependence of cw degenerate four-wave mixing in n-type InSb have yielded a value for the diffusion length, ID, of 60 : 2 Am. From this, the dependence of ID on photoexcited carrier concentration is calculated. A simple model has been developed to estimate the corresponding parallel-processing capabilities of semiconductor-based, all-optical, parallel-processing digital computing systems.
doi:10.1364/ol.10.000187 pmid:19724389 fatcat:2pqtqiblerbhdkxq5yulqx4wqy