Webbe. Paxton. Danby

J. Spencer Curwen
1897 The Musical Times and Singing Class Circular  
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more » ... Circular. http://www.jstor.org This content downloaded from on Mon, 29 Dec 2014 08:49:42 AM All use subject to JSTOR Terms and Conditions ------WEBBE-PAXTONDANBY. TO THE EDITOR OF " THE MUSICAL TIMES." SIR,-Allow me, through your columns, to appeal to glee singers in general to support a scheme which I have undertaken for restoring the monuments of these three composers in old St. Pancras Churchyard. The graves of all three lie close together. The inscriptions upon the tombs of Danby and Paxton are illegible, but by the help of the little book of epitaphs, published in I869, they can be re-cut. The stone which marked the grave of Webbe has completely disappeared. Mr. D. Baptie and doubtless others remember its position in recent years, but to-day it cannot be found. I propose, with the permission of the St. Pancras Vestry, to put up a small granite obelisk to the memory of Webbe, at a cost of £25. The re-cutting of the other inscriptions (they are long) will cost ;£5 I am confident that the sum will speedily be subscribed. I shall be happy to acknowledge any contributions, and to invite subscribers to the unveiling of the monuments in July when, if all is well, I will get a choir to sing a glee by each of the three composers.-I am, Sir, &c., J. SPENCER CURWEN. 8 and 9, Warwick Lane, E.C. [We cordially commend this appeal to our readers.-ED., ANSWERS TO COEtRESPONDENTS. T. R. P. (Eastbourne).-We have no intention of re-opening the suZect of " God save the Queen," even in this eventfxl year, unless some absolutely fresh facts are forthcoming. The history of our National Anthem was fully discussed by Mr. W. H. Cummings in these coluanns from March to yuly, I878. BRACONDALE. Spohr's " Calvary " (originally called {' CruciJixion ") was produced in England at the Vocal Concerts, Hanover Square Rooms, London, March 28, I837, under Edward Taylor; thus the performance at the Norwich M?lsical Festival of the same year was the second in England, and not the first, as is often stated. CHOIRMASTER (Dundee).-Without expressing atty opinion upon the notation of the chord, we think that yogr tenors will sing their note betterin tune if they think of it as F sharp, instead of Gflat, estecially as it rises to G natxtal. H. B.-We shall be sery pleased to gise you the earliest known form of the tune, perhaps in our next number. We are very anxious to give any such informcltion to our readers if it is of general interest. WESTWARD HO!-Kingsley's " Oh ! that we two were maying " will be found in his " Saint's Tragedy," Act ii., Scene 9. NORSEMAN.-Loxgfellow's " Sir Morten of Fogelsaxg " Jubilee of the King of Saxony. The choir also sang, with ABERDEEN.-The Choral Union and Orchestral Society under the conductorship of Mr. Kirby, gave a successfui concert of church music on the 3rd ult., at tbe Music Hall. The programme included the " Hallelujah " chorus from " The Messiah," several other excerpts from wellknown oratorios, and a good selection of popular hymns. The solo vocalists were Mrs. Kirby, Mrs. Kinghorn, Miss J. N. Steven, Miss J. L. McIntyre, Mr. G. Strathdee, Mr. H. G. Milne, and Mr. J. Moore. Mr. Burwood Nicholls presided at the organ. ASHBURNE (DERBYSHIRE).-The Choral Society gave a performance, on the 6th ult., of Spohr's " Last Judgment," Mendelssohn's " Hear my Prayer," and Attwood's " Coronation " anthem. The soprano solos in the two first-named works were admirably sung by Miss H. M. Stevenson, and the other soloists in the oratorio were Miss , on the gth ult., and Stainer's 4' Crucifixion 7? in the church of St. Margaret, on the Isth ult. Dr. Plant presided at the organ. CAERPHILLY (GLAMORGAN).-Stainer's " Crucifixion " was sung by the choir of St. Martin's Church, on the I2th ult. The soloists were Mr. Aneurin Reynolds and Mr. Isaac Chambers. Mr. A. J. Silver presided at the organ and Mr. T. Parry Edwards, organist and choirmaster of the church, conducted. The performance was repeated on Good Friday evening, when the solos were rendered by Mr. Harry Thomas and Mr. T. Parry Edwards, who also conducted. Mr. J. Percy Powell presided at the organ. CHELTENHAM.-The Festival Society gave, on the 6th ult., at the Assembly Rooms, a concert in aid of the Victoria Home District Nursing Association. The principal works presented were Mendelssohn's ;' Hymn of Praise " and Weber's overture, composed in I8I8 in honour of the Jubilee of the King of Saxony. The choir also sang, with
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