Impact on productivity of mulberry leaf and cocoon under institute village linkage programme in Murshidabad district

S Bagchi, D Pandit, S Ghosh, A Saha, A Ghosh, P Mitra, A Bajpai
Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute has developed a number of improved sericultural technologies / packages and extended these to the seed farmers of Banjetia village of Murshidabad district with the objective of development of a model sericulture village through IVLP approach as well as generation of quality seed cocoons. The benchmark yield related to mulberry leaf and cocoon was 16.0 mt/ha/yr and 15.0 kg/100dfls respectively. Improved package of practices for mulberry
more » ... tion and silkworm rearing were demonstrated and need based training was also provided to the target group. Within a period of four years since implementation of the programme, the average leaf and cocoon yield registered an improvement of 68.75% (27.0 mt/ha/yr) and 78.33% (26.75 kg/100 dfls) respectively, which significantly has increased farmer's socioeconomic condition.