Chemistry of vegetable physiology and agriculture

1883 Journal of the Chemical Society Abstracts  
A Denitrifying Ferment in Soils. By GAYOW and others (Eied. Cenfr., 1883, 82-84).-A ferment exists in the soil which deoxidises all nitrates in the presence of organic matter : at a temperature of 35-40°, this action being most energetic ; it differs from the nitrifying ferment in that it only acts when air is absent. From sewage-water, nitrogen, ammonia, amido-compounds, and from soils, nitrous and nitric oxides and nitrates were produced. Schlosing and Muntz find that the reducing action
more » ... s at 100" and under t'he influence of chloroform vapour, and that sterilised soil recovers its power on the addition to it of fresh soil. According to Rodionoff "blooming " of black Russian earth is due to an organism which forms fine threads in the soil; in such a condition, the soil is light, fertile, and retains moisture well.
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