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Elderly people are affected by processes leading to decline in various aspects of daily living that impair their quality of life. Regarding neurological aspects, executive functions have been shown to be valuable for daily life and to slow decline during aging. Most intervention studies intended to improve cognitive functions during aging specifically address long-term destructive processes and countermeasures. However, to an increasing degree, studies also investigate the acute benefits that
more » ... ove to be useful for daily life, such as physical exercise or video games in the form of exercise video gaming ("exergaming"). Because little is known about the change in cognitive ability following acute intervention of a combination of physical exercise and video gaming, especially for older people, this work is designed as an attempt to address this matter.
doi:10.3389/fnagi.2019.00260.s003 fatcat:o7r2vej5arhprdwvr5tzuhtviu