20am2-F5 Measuring the Mechanical Properties of Nano/Micro Structures
20am2-F5 ナノ~マイクロ構造体の機械物性を測る

Takahiro Namazu
2014 The Proceedings of the Symposium on Micro-Nano Science and Technology  
In this presentation, specially developed mechanical testing techniques for micro-and nano-sized specimens are introduced. For thin films, I have designed and developed uniaxial tension test equipment, in-plane biaxial tension test equipment, and Poisson's ratio measurement equipment to directly measure the mechanical properties used for the design of micro devices. All types of thin films, such as metals, ceramics and polymers, have been successfully evaluated so far. For small structures,
more » ... ion-torsion-bending-combined loading test equipment and three/four point bending test equipment have been developed. The influences of deformation-mode and specimen size on fracture strength have been evaluated. For nanowires, such as silicon nanowires and carbon nanotubes, on-chip tension test MEMS devices have been developed to investigate both size effect and process effect on the mechanical properties. Representative testing techniques and results will be presented.
doi:10.1299/jsmemnm.2014.6._20am2-f5- fatcat:ab6jjsg3obfefnz4zw25yu7nia