XXXIII.—Organotrophic and Physiologic Sketch of the Class Fungi

C. Montagne
1842 Annals and Magazine of Natural History  
Downloaded by [OARE Consortium] at 04:50 04 July 2015 M. C. Montape'8 Sketch of flie Class Fhngi. 283 XXXIII.-Orllaiiogrtlphic rind Physidogic Sletch of Ihe Class Fungi, by C. RIOIVTAGSE, D N . Zxtructcd fronz Histoirc physique, politique et noturelle dc l'ilc dc Cuba,' par 11. RA-JioN DE LA SAGRA, und fransluted and illustrated with short iiotes I9 the Rev. 11. J. BERKELEY, I I A , F.L.S. [Continued from p. 23G.l IIynienoniycefes, Fr. TIIESE Fungi, ivliich compose tlie Iiigliest family of the
more » ... iest family of the class, arc characterized by an liymcnium composcd of utricles or exosporous asci*, in contradistinction to that of Biscomyceks, in wliich the a x i are endoqioroiis. But thc differences arc not confined to this single character ; the rcccptaclc itself, on which tlic liynicnium is spread, is not only more varied in its form, but more complicated in its organization. * 'This last csplanatioii is admittcll by Dutrochct, Obscrv. sup les Cliamp., Ac. dcs Sc. Paris, 3 BIars, 183.1. [It appcars, from riicasurcrncnts wliich liavc been accuratcly tnkcii, that fairy ririgs increase annually in diaiiietcr, whicli accords with this iiotion, and thc dark colour of the grass is doubtless owing to thc stiniulating p w r of the niycc1ium.-11. J. U.] f Scc note mi rlpricits cpixglon, Gull. ( A . npplienfus, 13atscli), Acad. Roy. Sc. dc Uruscl., 5 Jnnv. 1S39. M. C. Montagnc's Organopapltic toid Physiologic Downloaded by [OARE Consortium] at 04:50 04 July 2015 * Fries, Syst. Nyc. iii. p. 519. Fie, X m . sur le groupe des Pliylle'rie'es,
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