Comparative Study on Multi-focus Image Fusion Techniques in Dynamic Scene

Rajvi Patel, Manali Rajput, Pramit Parekh
2015 International Journal of Computer Applications  
In this paper, study of various image fusion techniques especially for multi-focus images has been introduced. With the increased development of technology, it is necessary to retrieve information from multi source images in order to produce a high quality fused image with spatial and spectral information. Image Fusion is the process that allows the combination of the significant information from a bunch of images into a single image, where the resultant fused image will be more qualitable
more » ... mative than any other input images. Thus this technique is useful in improving the quality of data in images. Important applications of Image Fusion contain medical imaging, remote sensing, microscopic imaging, computer vision and robotics applications. Even if the fused image can have balancing spatial and spectral resolution characteristics, the existing image fusion techniques can distort the sprectral information of the multisprectal data while merging. Keywords Multi-focus image fusion; Spatial domain fusion; Transform domain fusion; In discrete wavelet transform (DWT) decomposition, the filters are specially designed so that successive layers of the
doi:10.5120/19190-0792 fatcat:icisvfbi2vdevh35yyyl467piy