A Quasi-Static Quantitative Ultrasound Elastography Algorithm Using Optical Flow

Raphael Lamprecht, Florian Scheible, Marion Semmler, Alexander Sutor
2021 Sensors  
Ultrasound elastography is a constantly developing imaging technique which is capable of displaying the elastic properties of tissue. The measured characteristics could help to refine physiological tissue models, but also indicate pathological changes. Therefore, elastography data give valuable insights into tissue properties. This paper presents an algorithm that measures the spatially resolved Young's modulus of inhomogeneous gelatin phantoms using a CINE sequence of a quasi-static
more » ... and a load cell measuring the compressing force. An optical flow algorithm evaluates the resulting images, the stresses and strains are computed, and, conclusively, the Young's modulus and the Poisson's ratio are calculated. The whole algorithm and its results are evaluated by a performance descriptor, which determines the subsequent calculation and gives the user a trustability index of the modulus estimation. The algorithm shows a good match between the mechanically measured modulus and the elastography result-more precisely, the relative error of the Young's modulus estimation with a maximum error 35%. Therefore, this study presents a new algorithm that is capable of measuring the elastic properties of gelatin specimens in a quantitative way using only the image data. Further, the computation is monitored and evaluated by a performance descriptor, which measures the trustability of the results.
doi:10.3390/s21093010 pmid:33923001 pmcid:PMC8123352 fatcat:oa74pqpql5fapj7un27k4edeye