La ciudad y la arquitectura en la pintura joven de los años 80' en Madrid (1976-1992)

Javier Torras de Ugarte
2010 Anales de Historia del Arte  
The so-called Spanish painting of the 80' meant an interesting color revolution against conceptual art and the last echoes of informality. A new type of painting emerged in which the color, the historicism, and certain private topics caused an interesting mixture between tradition and modernity. Within this movement various trends was revealed: abstraction, new figuration, expressionism, and even a new kind of realism. The city and the architecture, as symbols of a new modernity beyond the
more » ... ity beyond the recent past, are revealed as two inexhaustible sources for the painting of this time. The imagined cities, the painted architectures, the Madrid of "La Movida", the cities of classical mythology, occupied much of the canvases of the eighties.
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