Common envelope binaries and mass loss

A. Delgado
1979 Symposium - International astronomical union  
In this work we calculate the evolution of a binary system with a common envelope, which consists of a blue supergiant and a neutron star. We consider as a free parameter the effectivity with which the energy liberated at the orbit produces mass loss from the system.The evolutionary calculations were made, using various values of this parameter, for a system with mass ratio 25:1. As initial state we choose a model in the phase of Hydrogen-shell burning, before and after the begin of
more » ... ng in the core.We found that, under certain conditions, it is possible for the radius of the orbit and the period of the system to increase; the time scale for the "spiral-in" would be of the order of 104-105years. Mass loss rates are between 10−3M⊙/y and 10−4M⊙/y.
doi:10.1017/s0074180900013802 fatcat:36yb74rh3vd3hjesxjzs3t2iwa