Wolf-rayet wind models: Photometric and polarimetric variability [chapter]

Cláudia V. Rodrigues, Antônio Mário Magalhães
Variable and Non-spherical Stellar Winds in Luminous Hot Stars  
We have modelled the observed random variation in broad band intensity and polarization of some isolated Wolf-Rayet stars assuming that their winds have localized, enhanced density regions (blobs). Our model is based on a Monte Carlo code that treats all Stokes parameters of the radiation bundle. This study indicates that the blobs must have sizes comparable to the stellar dimension and be near the base of the envelope. These blobs can be interpreted as a variable structure of large geometric
more » ... f large geometric cross section causing the observed polarimetric and photometric variability.
doi:10.1007/bfb0106355 fatcat:kwg5vggmz5gnzkt57ndgr62n5a