High-performance Li-air battery after limiting inter-electrode crosstalk

Huan Lin, Zhenlian Chen, Deyu Wang, Muqin Wang, Zhe Peng, Zixuan Liu, Haiyong He, Mingkui Wang, Hong Li
2021 Energy Storage Materials  
Li-air battery (LAB), the energy-storage technology with highest theoretical energy density, is still seriously challenged by poor energy efficiency and limited durability though plenty of progresses have been made. In this work, we demonstrate that high performance LAB operated in N 2 -O 2 (78:22) atmosphere could be achieved after limiting the inter-electrode crosstalk. The Li + -filtration membrane placed between electrodes could tailor the side reactions on lithium and suppress the anodic
more » ... nsumption of solvents & additives. With the adoption of lab-made blocking layer, the optimal cells stably operate for 1500 cycles with energy efficiencies as high as 90~95%, significantly better than other energy-storage systems. This approach presents the necessity of inhibiting interelectrode crosstalk in LAB to the community, which shed light on the practical utilization of LAB as secondary batteries in the future. * Corresponding Authors.
doi:10.1016/j.ensm.2021.04.022 fatcat:5cesvw4ovrgslighuutgdesdym