Detemplated and Pillared 2-Dimensional Zeolite ZSM-55 with Ferrierite Layer Topology as a Carrier for Drugs

Weronika Strzempek, Aleksandra Korzeniowska, Andrzej Kowalczyk, Wieslaw J. Roth, Barbara Gil
2020 Molecules  
The present studies were conducted to show the potential of 2D zeolites as effective and non-toxic carriers of drugs. Layered zeolites exhibit adjustable interlayer porosity which can be exploited for controlled drug delivery allowing detailed investigation of the drug release because the structure of the carrier is known exactly. This study was conducted with model drugs ciprofloxacin and piracetam, and ZSM-55 with ca 1 nm thick layers, in detemplated and pillared forms. The release profiles
more » ... release profiles differed from the commercial, crystalline forms of drugs—the release rate increased for ciprofloxacin and decreased for piracetam. To understand the dissolution mechanisms the release data were fitted to Korsmeyer-Peppas equation, showing Fickian (for pillared) and anomalous (for detemplated sample) transport. FT-IR studies showed that strong interaction carrier-drug may be responsible for the modified, slowed down release of piracetam while better solubility and faster release of ciprofloxacin was attributed to formation of the protonated form resulting in weaker interaction with the zeolite than in the pure crystalline form. Two independent tests on L929 mice fibroblasts (ToxiLight and PrestoBlue) showed that ZSM-55, in moderate concentrations may be safely used as a carrier of drug molecules, not having negative effect on the cells viability or proliferation rate.
doi:10.3390/molecules25153501 pmid:32752039 fatcat:kl5qt3ahwbhmti2a3lnv2ltidu