New Measuring Method for Colorless Liquid Level Based on CLC100 Level Sensor and Powercast Wireless Sensor Kit

Guanlin Yan, Gerhard Lindner, Yuming Shen
2015 Engineering  
In this paper, a new wireless measuring method for colorless liquid level measurement was presented, based on latest CLC100 liquid level sensor and Powercast wireless sensor development kit. The wireless system is divided into two parts, level measurement and data transmission part as well as data receiving and display part. First part included the capacitive liquid level sensor CLC100 and the wireless senor board. CLC100 sensor was used for liquid level measurement. Wireless sensor kit from
more » ... sensor kit from Powercast Corporation included one wireless sensor board, which was used for signal transmission. A built-in PIC microcontroller was embedded in the transmission module, for the purpose of processing and data transmitting. Due to CLC100 sensor's output voltage exceeding the sensor board's input limitation, a voltage convertor was designed to connect the sensor and the wireless sensor board. The final results were voltages corresponding to the liquid level, and were processed by an independent PIC development board, and then sent to PC's hyper terminal via serial-port by this PIC microcontroller. Experiments showed that this wireless sensor node prototype worked well. Keywords CLC100 Liquid Level Sensor, Powercast Wireless Sensor Kit, Colorless Liquid Level Measurement, Wireless Sensor Background and Overview Liquid level is a key parameter existing in various industrial field or laboratory environments, and it's also a G. L. Yan et al. 178 very important parameter for automatic control, so it's an important procedure to get liquid level quickly and accurately. Situations like small range liquid level measurements, say for smaller than 100 mm, need very accurate results and low measuring deviations. And if the measuring is by a chemical furnace or other dangerous places, direct measurement by people should be avoided for safety reason; And if online remote measurement is needed while processing data coming from other sensor nodes, direct measurement is also not available. If the liquid level measurement happens in such situations above, wireless sensor node is the best choice. There are some widely used liquid level measurement methods. For example, ultrasonic level detection method [1], photoelectric detection, optical liquid level measurement method [2], magnetostrictive level measurement [2] and so on. Ultrasonic method is the most common way, but it gets easily to be disturbed by noises, and it can't be used in vacuum conditions [1] . Photoelectric detection is too critical to light sources, which means it can be easily affected by other light noise. So it's very hard to measure the level exposed in nature sunlight accurately. Magnetostrictive way has advantages like high accuracy, multiple signal output, easily adaptive to different environments [2] . However, magnetostrictive meter has to be contacted to the liquid while measuring, this could be a fatal disadvantage for caustic liquid. Moreover, if the measured liquid is colorless, it will be more difficult, and will bring new problems for lightbased methods. Recently, new type capacitive liquid level sensor CLC100 was invented for small range and critical measurement. It was chosen as the sensor part for the demo sensor node in this paper. Combined with Powercast's wireless sensor kit's wireless communication module, a new wireless measuring system is created.
doi:10.4236/eng.2015.74014 fatcat:2r5nx6baojamzk6swqvmxttytm