Supplementary Materials: Towards a Conceptual Framework for Social-Ecological Systems Integrating Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services with Resource Efficiency Indicators

Nina Eisenmenger, Stefan Giljum, Stephan Lutter, Alexandra Marques, Michaela Theurl, Henrique Pereira, Arnold Tukker
1. List of Indicators Entering the RACER Evaluation Table S1. List of Indicators Entering the RACER Evaluation. RU = resource use RE = resource efficiency EI = environmental impact Selected Indicators Unit Energy RE Energy productivity (GDP/TPES) (ter.) EUR/toe or EUR/J RE Energy productivity (GDP/Total Net Energy Consumption) (res.) EUR/toe or EUR/J RU Energy dependency (imp/TPES) (ter.) % RU Energy dependency (imp/Total Net Energy Consumption) (res.) % RU Renewables/TPES (ter.) % RU
more » ... er.) % RU Renewables/Total Net Energy Consumption)(res.) % RU TPES total primary energy supply toe or J RU Total Net Energy Consumption) (res.) toe or J RU Final energy consumption (FEC) (ter.) toe or J RU Total Energy Requirement (res.) toe or J RU "Energy footprint" (res.) toe or J EI Fuel use/natural stock % EI Fuel use/quality of stock Material RE Material productivity (GDP/DMC) EUR/kg RE Material productivity (GDP/RMC) EUR/kg RE Material productivity (GDP/TMC) EUR/kg RU Import dependence (imp/DMC) % RU DMC domestic material consumption t RU DMI direct material inputs t RU RMI raw material inputs t RU RMC raw material consumption t RU TMR total material requirements t RU TMC total material consumption t RU PTB physical trade balance t RU RTB raw material trade balance t EI EMC environmentally weighted material consumption EI Macro LCA EI Material use/natural stock % EI Fish catch outside safe biological limits % Water RE Water productivity (GDP/water appropriation) EUR/m 3 RU Water abstraction (green and blue water) m 3