Revisiting the predictability of the Haicheng and Tangshan earthquakes [article]

Didier Sornette, Euan Mearns, Spencer Wheatley
2020 arXiv   pre-print
We analyse the compiled set of precursory data that were reported to be available in real time before the Ms 7.5 Haicheng earthquake in Feb. 1975 and the Ms 7.6-7.8 Tangshan earthquake in July 1976. We propose a robust and simple coarse-graining method consisting in aggregating and counting how all the anomalies together (geodesy, levelling, geomagnetism, soil resistivity, Earth currents, gravity, Earth stress, well water radon, well water level) develop as a function of time. We demonstrate a
more » ... trong evidence for the existence of an acceleration of the number of anomalies leading up to the major Haicheng and Tangshan earthquakes. In particular for the Tangshan earthquake, the frequency of occurrence of anomalies is found to be well described by the log-periodic power law singularity (LPPLS) model, previously proposed for the prediction of engineering failures and later adapted to the prediction of financial crashes. Based on a mock real-time prediction experiment, and simulation study, we show the potential for an early warning system with lead-time of a few days, based on this methodology of monitoring accelerated rates of anomalies.
arXiv:2002.00830v1 fatcat:txq4w2ef35f4jhaqsjgotjhxrm