Resonant Tunneling of a Few-Body Cluster Through Repulsive Barriers

A. A. Gusev, S. I. Vinitsky, O. Chuluunbaatar, L. L. Hai, V. L. Derbov, A. Góźdź, P. M. Krassovitskiy
2014 Ядерная физика  
A model for quantum tunnelling of a cluster comprised of A identical particles, interacting via oscillator-type potential, through short-range repulsive barrier potentials is introduced for the first time in symmetrized-coordinate representation and numerically studied in the s-wave approximation. A constructive method for symmetrizing or antisymmetrizing the (A − 1)-dimensional harmonic oscillator basis functions in the new symmetrized coordinates with respect to permutations of coordinates of
more » ... s of coordinates of A identical particles is described. The effect of quantum transparency, manifesting itself in nonmonotonic resonance-type dependence of the transmission coefficient upon the energy of the particles, their number A = 2, 3, 4 and the type of their symmetry, is analyzed. It is shown that the total transmission coefficient demonstrates the resonance behavior due to the existence of barrier quasi-stationary states, embedded in the continuum.
doi:10.7868/s0044002714030118 fatcat:wa5kfanqpbefjaolc5w54uj4uu