Comparison between the Color Properties of Whiteness Index and Yellowness Index on the CIELAB

Hyojin Jung, Tetsuya Sato
2013 Textile Coloration and Finishing  
Textile Coloration and Finishing Vol.25,No.4 〈Research Paper〉 241 YI. These hue transition points were the reference points to divide the hue contribution to WI and YI. These points were not the point of h=0 and h=180 and asymmetric. In addition, where the colors were same distance from the white point on the CIELAB, the rate of changes in WI and YI by ∆Ew were depending on hue. Specifically, when WI decreased, YI of reddish and yellowish tinted colors decreased more than bluish tinted colors.
doi:10.5764/tcf.2013.25.4.241 fatcat:njjwaqkrtrbjvng5pelbgsddku