Coastal Benthic Optical Properties (CoBOP) of Coral Reef Environments: Small Scale Fluorescent Optical Signatures and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Coral Reef Habitats [report]

Michael P. Lesser
2002 unpublished
Award #N00149710025 LONG-TERM GOAL My principal goal is to understand the mechanistic basis for changes in the flourescent signatures, both host and algal symbiont, of corals. Changes in the spectral quantity and quality of visible and ultraviolet radiation will have effects on the quantum yield of photosynthesis and affect the fluorescent signatures of the algal symbionts as will changes in the temperature of the surrounding seawater. Additionally, I wish to relate bottom reflectance
more » ... flectance measurements of coral reefs to hyperspectral remote sensing reflectance measurements made from buoys or airborne platforms.
doi:10.21236/ada628422 fatcat:unize36qzfcsvlsn3mxv63oocm