Enhanced Pulse Amplitude Estimation Method for Electronic Warfare Support
전자전 지원을 위한 향상된 펄스 세기 추정 기법

Yu-Ri Lee, Dong-Gyu Kim, Hyungyu Kwak, Hyoung-Nam Kim
2017 The Journal of Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences  
In electronic warfare, the pulse amplitude, one of information of a pulse signal emitted by an enemy, is used for estimating distance from the source and for deinterleaving mixed source signals. An estimate of pulse amplitude is conventionally determined as the maximum magnitude of a Fourier transformed signal within its pulse width which is estimated pre-step in an electronic warfare receiver. However, when frequency modulated signals are received, it is difficult to estimate their pulse
more » ... e their pulse amplitudes with this conventional method because the energy of signals is dispersed in frequency domain. In order to overcome this limitation, this paper proposes an enhanced pulse amplitude estimation method which calculates the average power of the received pulse signal in time domain and removes the noise power of the receiver. Simulation results show that even in case the frequency modulated signal is received, the proposed method has the same performance as estimating the pulse amplitude when unmodulated signal is received. In addition, the proposed method is shown to be more robust to an estimation error of pulse width, which affects the estimation performance of pulse amplitude, than the conventional method.
doi:10.7840/kics.2017.42.3.649 fatcat:kguhg2drnjeexpnlpuoos5pfau