Reforma uwłaszczeniowa we wsi Lednogóra i początki Moraczewa

Jakub Linetty, Andrzej Marek Wyrwa
The following article is devoted to the enfranchisement reform conducted in Lednogóra village. The enfranchisement reform, which was begun on the territory of the Grand Duchy of Posen by the Prussian authorities in 1823, aimed at ending the relics of a manorial-serf economy, formed in the Middle Ages. It meant the abolition of serfdom and the creation of medium-sized peasant farms free from obligations to the manor. To cultivate the land on these farms, draught animals were needed. In
more » ... the implementation of the reform started at the requests of the peasants in 1830. As a result of the procedure that took nearly 10 years, a "reces" was written (1839), whereby 14 farms were created free of any encumbrances from the manor. At the same time, the established farms were moved to a new land and a new settlement was created – Moraczewo. The old and new land divisions were documented on the map of Lednogóra drawn up by the surveyor Demmler.
doi:10.34698/sl.20.2021.03 fatcat:2mb3fthzpvcmrdqwz2knshj4tu