Entanglement entropy for free scalar fields in AdS

Sotaro Sugishita
2016 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We compute entanglement entropy for free massive scalar fields in anti-de Sitter (AdS) space. The entangling surface is a minimal surface whose boundary is a sphere at the boundary of AdS. The entropy can be evaluated from the thermal free energy of the fields on a topological black hole by using the replica method. In odd-dimensional AdS, exact expressions of the Renyi entropy $S_n$ are obtained for arbitrary $n$. We also evaluate 1-loop corrections coming from the scalar fields to holographic
more » ... elds to holographic entanglement entropy. Applying the results, we compute the leading difference of entanglement entropy between two holographic CFTs related by a renormalization group flow triggered by a double trace deformation. The difference is proportional to the shift of a central charge under the flow.
doi:10.1007/jhep09(2016)128 fatcat:3cqklpva2rftxdxobmegxtm62u