A Reliable Protection Architecture for Mobile Agents in Open Network Systems

Ibharalu Friday Thomas, Sofoluwe Adetokunbo Babatunde, Akinwale Adio Taofiki
2011 International Journal of Computer Applications  
A mobile-agent system is one where user programs (the agent) may voluntarily and autonomously migrate from one computer (the host) to another (the mobile agent server). A large deployment of mobile agent systems is not possible without satisfying security architecture. The major obstacle facing wide deployment of mobile agents is the attack of a visiting code by a malicious host. The fact that host computers have complete control over all the programs of a visiting agent makes it very hard to
more » ... otect agents from untrusted hosts. This has resulted to restricted deployment of mobile agents to known hosts in closed networks where the security of the agents is guaranteed. However, this restriction negates the original major concept of autonomy on which mobile agent technology is established. In this paper we propose dynamic protection architecture for mobile agents systems, using Travel Diary Protection Scheme and Platform Registry. The scheme protects and allows mobile agents to roam freely in open networks environment without being compromised in a malicious hosts. General Terms Security of Mobile Agent on host platform Keywords Mobile Agents, Security, Travel Diary, Platform Registry Other mechanisms proposed for these kinds of attacks include: using safe code interpretation [4] , where the set of available instructions prevents the agent from attacking the host: signing the code in order to authenticate the agent owner, together with some mechanism to determine the level of trust of this owner [10], sending logical demonstrations along with the code, in order to proof that the execution of that code is secure [11] . Regarding the second category -others against host platforms -the source of the attack can be any external entity that is not part of the agent platform. This external entity can perform attacks against the platform resources (files, communication ports, etc.) or against the host's communications with the outside. In these cases, security greatly depends on the mechanisms provided by the operating system. Additionally, a secure communication channel, established using mechanisms such as Transport
doi:10.5120/2234-2854 fatcat:hxppn76ijbg7jcity3erqkcrke