Съвременни аспекти на регулирането на финансовите пазари (Contemporary Aspects of Financial Markets Regulation)

2020 Ikonomičeski i socialni alternativi  
Contemporary Aspects of Financial Markets Regulation The article reflects the work and results under a university scientific project (UNWE, 2017- 2019) bearing the same title. The choice of the specific aspects to be explored is based on the market developments post-2008, when the world was already affected by the Global financial and economic crisis. The banking sector regulation is a subject of the first main part, as the banks were in the epicenter of the financial collapse in 2008 and
more » ... ards, when many weaknesses and gaps in banking regulations became evident. The second main part of the article is about the financial derivatives market – those financial instruments were defined as drivers of the globalization of the crisis. The developments on the financial derivatives market, including its regulation, have a great impact on the global financial system and most notably on its stability. The third main part of the article treats the problems of alternative finance, as a forceful process of circumventing traditional banking is taking place. This is a new field, based on financial innovation, and its regulation is a contemporary matter. The fourth part is about the regulatory reforms of the Bulgarian financial market, given in perspective for a EU member state and respectively the effects for the national economy.
doi:10.37075/isa.2020.1.02 fatcat:w6bns6upijcxxkwtn56pxwv2uq