Health Status of Coral Reefs in Chabahar Bay, Iran

Akram Tehranifard, Mina Farhadi, Tymour Aminirad
2012 International Journal of Bioscience Biochemistry and Bioinformatics  
Coral bleaching is rapidly developingas a major problem for the healyh of coral reefs worldwide. This study examined the effect of some ecological factors on coral reefs in Chabahar Bay.we measured the coral cover and the linear extention rates at 3 sites in 6 months before and after Monsoon. In order to estimate the loss and damage received by the coral colonies in the area, different methods were applied such as the Direct Observation method(via scuba-diving operation),Line Transect method,
more » ... d the new method of Coral Watch.The results of the studies revealed the fact of a decrease wthe water s transparency, as well as accumulation of a great deal of sediments in sea bed.A great deal deposits silted over the area, with a thickness up to 5 cm from the joining parts of the corals to the sea bed due to dredging operation, building a secondary breakwater and also diminishing the natural water ciculation in the area. After this event, the corals lost their symbiosis unicelloular algae living in their connecting parts to the sea bed and have turned into white color. There were no significant differences among different geographical areas within the reef tract(Upper, Middle and Lower ). The studies made through the Line Transect and Coral Watch are also proving the existence of the pressure and appearing the unwanted agents in the area, which prevents the growth and developing the coral reefs.
doi:10.7763/ijbbb.2012.v2.63 fatcat:asywfalxfjcbdbxoxtblc2y5dy