Culture in the news

Rachel Elisabeth Edie
2020 unpublished
The matter of culture has been used by the media to divide the public, promote fear, and create disembodied enemies. What is more, media play a significant role in shaping public interest, public opinion and political attitudes. Thus, there is a demand to understand the role of culture in the media, especially in the context of migration and growing multicultural societies. The current study consists of a content analysis of news coverage concerning migration across 7 European countries from
more » ... 3-2017. This study employs a dictionary approach to determine salience of culture-related framing using automated methods. Results show that on average, about 30% of migration-related news articles in the sample contain culture-related framing. In both corpora, Germany displays the highest levels of culture frame visibility with 35-39% saturation, while Romania remains the lowest with around 20% of articles containing relevant references. Average salience levels appeared at 29% and 30% in Corpus A and B respectively. It is discussed whether or not culture-frame salience relates to amount of interest in cultural topics within a national public discussion, and the relevance of national political structure on the presence of culture- related frames in migration news.
doi:10.25365/thesis.60859 fatcat:dw2evy7wmbgrxghy7nbs5mzltq