An Overview of Cryptanalysis of RSA Public key System

Berlin K, Dhenakaran S.S
2017 International Journal of Engineering and Technology  
The RSA Cryptosystem was released in 1977. It used two distinct mathematically designed keys for both encryption and decryption process. RSA was one of the first practical public key cryptosystem among the various kinds of public key system. It secured sensitive data while the transmission of secrets through the improper channel like internet. It key sizes 1024 to 4096, 768 bit key had been broken. However 3328 bit typical keys are unbreakable. So it has been used for extensive research among
more » ... e public key area researchers. The main principle of RSA is providing tough security from the difficulty of factoring large integers. The contribution of this paper is producing an overview of cryptanalysis on the RSA public key cryptosystem. From this research among the various attacks, timing attack has been interrupt against security in RSA algorithm. Hence the paper has proposed RSA cryptosystem is still a good security to transmit sensitive data.
doi:10.21817/ijet/2017/v9i5/170905312 fatcat:avttklyuu5exrifhnsjonfyzn4