Improvement for Bending Carriage Springs

1851 Scientific American  
Improved Brick Machine. Mr. Richard Long, 01 ColumbU8, Ohio, hu invented and taken m8&ll ures to secure a pa tent for an improvemt'nt on machines for ma king bricb, which enables him to make about 12,000 1a one day, of the very best quality of brick. His moulds are of the form used by h&lld labor, and they are pl&ced On a frame &lid taken away .. bl the old hand plan. The moulds are taken in und", the box that feeds iA the clay, and carried back when they are fl1ll , by iIle reciprocating
more » ... reciprocating motion of rack and plDion. The feeding motion ie a screw vaned pug mill, but the holee to feed the clay to the moulds, are so made that the moulds ars pack ed, commencing at the middle and spreadinJ towards the enda and ,idee, eo &I not to wipe away the land from any part of the inside of the moulds. Thie allowe the moulded bricks to be e&lily dropped out of the moulds. The moulds are ltationary, while they are being packed with the clay, but when filled are eet free, and travel outwarde to be taken away, and a new eet put in for the next operation. The rotary &Ild other brick machines are com plained of as pressing the bric4 unequally in the moulde, thus making very inferior bricks. This machine obviates that diffi culty. RaUroad A.larm Bell.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01251851-148c fatcat:ggjeswtrtbecvomtcy62qfj7vi