805 Research of sky logistics aerial robotics
805 空中ロボティクスに関する研究開発(OS15-(2) 新しいロボット技術,オーガナイズドセッション)

2009 The Proceedings of Ibaraki District Conference  
Tlie indusnia1 robot succeeded in u 血 止 abited shut space ( closed system )surreunded With a fence . The air 1hat is血e un 血habited open spacc ( open system ) is also a place of convilcing activity of the robOtS . In the 21st centuly , it ' s times to do jn丘astructure smaller scale like the mobile telephone which illstalled a base station thinly , and used the dr at the min um not 止 e cen 仙 y when a mad and a tロ皿 e1 , a bridge used vast energy to 血 frastructure . Aerial use fbr transporta 廿on is
more » ... promising the fUture , and development of aerial Robotics is expected of the transportation of a material using 25 % of all energy now . in this papeら it is血troduced pOssibility ef aerial Robotics and challenges ofthe past research and development . Key Wbrds: aeria ' robotrcs , logt '
doi:10.1299/jsmeibaraki.2009.201 fatcat:j3ydu2ppcveyzgp45bbwob2i7q