ABO blood groups, Rhesus factor, and anaphylactic reactions due to Hymenoptera stings

Krzysztof Pałgan, Zbigniew Bartuzi, Elżbieta Chrzaniecka
2017 Annals of Agricultural and Environmental Medicine  
Introduction. Numerous publications indicate that the prevalence of some infectious, neoplastic and immunological diseases are associated with ABO blood groups. Objective. The aim of this study was to verify whether ABO and Rh blood groups are associated with severe anaphylactic reactions after Hymenoptera stings. Materials and Method. A study was undertaken of 71,441 Caucasian subjects living in the same geographic area. The study group included 353 patients with diagnosed systemic anaphylaxis
more » ... to Hymenoptera venom. Control group included 71,088 healthy blood donors. Frequencies of ABO and Rhesus groups in the study and control groups were compared using univariate and multivariate analyses. Results. No statistically significant interactions were observed between the ABO blood group and anaphylactic reactions to Hymenoptera.
doi:10.26444/aaem/74424 pmid:28954484 fatcat:fo5vyfe32fdszmbcps3c4zyhte