1890 Scientific American  
eitutific �mtrieau. A SEPARABLE OCEAN' STEAMER BUILT ON LAD boiler, and backed at the rate of seventy revolutions MICHIGAN. per minute, steaming stern first, as if this was the pro- The decided novelty in shipbuilding which forms the per way to go, while the forward section followed in subject of our first page illustration affords one of charge of two tugs. Thus Lake Ontario was traversed many recent evidences of the enterprise, versatility and forty-three canal locks passed, besides several
more » ... of resource, and marvelous energy with which the ries of rapids, before Montreal was reached, the trip dwellers along our Northern lakes are making use of occupying about eleven days. At the latter city thA the facilities of their wonderfully favored location. two sections were placed on greased ways in Tate's The population throu�hout the great country tribu-dry dock, one of the views being a photograph show tary to these vast island seas has now become so con-ing the vessel in thi� position, and when the parts were siderable, and so magnificent the wealth of produ'.lts closed in upon each other, the butts came together so to be transported, from the field, the forest, the mine, closely that a knife blade could not be inserted be and the workshop, that one does not readily credit the tween the plates. The reriveting was accomplished figures showing the actual present magnitude of the with facility in the mlual way, and the vessel was business, while it is far more difficult to make a reason-floated out of the dock a complete hull, defying the able estimate of the full possibilities of its future eye of any expert to tell where the severance had been growth. made.
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