Application of the AIDS model in hass avocado consumption in Mexico

Alma Alicia Gómez-Gómez, Carlos Ernesto Luquez-Gaitan, Lessly Gabriela López-Velázquez
2020 Journal Microeconomics  
Avocado is a product of national importance because it is exported, but part of its production is dedicated to national consumption, in this study the behavior of the demand for this product at the national level was analyzed, involving seven additional products that were: corn, green chili, tomato, lemon, beef, pork and chicken; For the study, the model of the almost ideal demand system (AIDS) was used and the method of apparently unrelated equations (SUR) was used with the support of the SUR
more » ... SYSNLIN function of the SAS system; The Marshallian, Hicksian and Expenditure elasticities were obtained for monthly consumption from 2004 to 2015 reported in the agricultural and fishing information system (SIAP), it was concluded that avocado has a normal inelastic demand with respect to expenditure, in addition to being a good substitute for corn, green chili, lemon, beef and chicken; and complementary to tomato and pork.
doi:10.35429/jm.2020. fatcat:jrcs77ibo5bopjnuod2o7lwrgi