Henry D. Jump
1917 Journal of the American Medical Association  
6. The transformation of Framingham into the healthiest and safest place to trade and the safest town from which to advertise manufactured products-a substantial asset. 7. Fame for Framingham-the eyes of the medical, health, scientific and popular worlds arc on her. 8. The working out, at the end of the experiment, of the best health and disease preventive machinery for a town of FYamingham's size. 9. The demonstration of the cheapest and most efficient method for the prevention of
more » ... a plan for other towns the world over to copy. 10. The answer to the questions: Arc we spending our money wisely? What methods in disease prevention are worth while? 11. The successful demonstration of a worthy program for the conquest of tuberculosis and for the enthronement of health. The Framingham experiment will be followed by those interested in disease prevention and the conservation of human life. While it may not be determinative in its results, as far as other communities are concerned, it will at least give an opportunity for the testing of many theories and the working out of exact methods for disease control. Whether or not
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