Identification and Characterization of a Mouse Homolog for Decidual/Trophoblast Prolactin-Related Protein

K. E. Orwig
1997 Endocrinology  
Decidual/trophoblast PRL-related protein (d/tPRP) is one member of a large placental PRL gene family composed of at least nine members in the rat and four in the mouse. Only placental lactogen I and II have been characterized in both rat and mouse. The identification of mouse homologs for rat placental PRL family members will facilitate gene manipulation studies aimed at identifying functions for these hormones. In this report, we establish the presence of d/tPRP in the mouse and characterize
more » ... and characterize its complementary DNA, protein, and pattern of expression during mouse gestation. Evaluation of the National Center for Biotechnology Information database of expressed sequence tags resulted in the identification of several mouse complementary DNA clones exhibiting significant homology to rat d/tPRP. One of these clones was obtained from IMAGE Consortium and Research Genetics for further investigation. The full-length mouse clone was found to have an 81% nucleotide homology with rat d/tPRP and to encode a 239-amino acid protein. Like rat d/tPRP, the mouse protein contains two putative N-linked glycosylation sites and six homologously located cysteine residues. Mouse d/tPRP maps to chromosome 13 along with other members of the mouse PRL family. Like the rat, mouse d/tPRP messenger RNA and protein are expressed by antimesometrial decidual cells and spongiotrophoblast and trophoblast giant cells in the junctional zone of the placenta. In summary, we have established the presence of d/tPRP in the mouse and demonstrated its similarity in structure and pattern of expression to rat d/tPRP. This level of conservation between species expands the biological significance of d/tPRP during pregnancy and provides additional opportunities for evaluating its function. (Endocrinology 138: [5511][5512][5513][5514][5515][5516][5517] 1997)
doi:10.1210/en.138.12.5511 pmid:9389538 fatcat:hmwsxend5jcitoyfh467whppnu