Diversity, distribution and abundance of potential rift valley fever vectors in Baringo County, Kenya

Isabella Ondiba, Florence Oyieke, Benson Ba, Outreach, Jaramogi Oginga, Isabella Ondiba, Florence Oyieke, Isaac Nyamongo, Benson Ba
2017 42 International Journal of Mosquito Research   unpublished
Rift Valley fever (RVF) is a zoonotic disease that occurs sporadically in form of outbreaks and is transmitted by diverse mosquito species in different geographic regions. Knowledge on diversity, distribution and abundance of RVF vectors is useful for risk assessment of RVF outbreaks. Diversity, distribution and abundance of RVF vectors from four ecological zones in Baringo County were studied. Four potential RVF vectors, namely Mansonia uniformis; Mansonia africana; Culex pipiens and Culex
more » ... ittatus were among the 26 species identified. Rift Valley Fever vectors were most abundant in lowlands (85.9%); riverine (9.1%); midland and highland combined (5%). Diversity indices were higher in the riverine (H'=1.65) and midland (H'=1.64) than lowland (H'=1.429) and highland (H'=1.229). Area-specific vector distribution and abundance data generated from this study can be incorporated into the national RVF contingency Plan as part of an improved preparedness and early response to RVF outbreaks.