Fractional Covers of Hypergraphs with Bounded Multi-Intersection [article]

Georg Gottlob, Matthias Lanzinger, Reinhard Pichler, Igor Razgon
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Fractional (hyper-)graph theory is concerned with the specific problems that arise when fractional analogues of otherwise integer-valued (hyper-)graph invariants are considered. The focus of this paper is on fractional edge covers of hypergraphs. Our main technical result generalizes and unifies previous conditions under which the size of the support of fractional edge covers is bounded independently of the size of the hypergraph itself. This allows us to extend previous tractability results
more » ... checking if the fractional hypertree width of a given hypergraph is ≤ k for some constant k. We also show how our results translate to fractional vertex covers.
arXiv:2007.01830v2 fatcat:jyswprlf25fzxo2xsj5dj7o5lu