Simultaneous Interactions of Bacteriophage T4 DNA Replication Proteins gp59 and gp32 with Single-stranded (ss) DNA

Steven D. Lefebvre, Mei Lie Wong, Scott W. Morrical
1999 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
The T4 gp59 protein is the major accessory protein of the phage's replicative DNA helicase, gp41. gp59 helps load gp41 at DNA replication forks by promoting its assembly onto single-stranded (ss) DNA covered with cooperatively bound molecules of gp32, the T4 singlestrand DNA binding protein (ssb). A gp59-gp32-ssDNA ternary complex is an obligatory intermediate in this helicase loading mechanism. Here, we characterize the properties of gp59-gp32-ssDNA complexes and reveal some of the biochemical
more » ... interactions that occur within them. Our results indicate the following: (i) gp59 is able to co-occupy ssDNA pre-saturated with either gp32 or gp32-A (a truncated gp32 species lacking interactions with gp59); (ii) gp59 destabilizes both gp32-ssDNA and (gp32-A)-ssDNA interactions; (iii) interactions of gp59 with the A-domain of gp32 alter the ssDNA-binding properties of gp59; and (iv) gp59 organizes gp32-ssDNA versus (gp32-A)-ssDNA into morphologically distinct complexes. Our results support a model in which gp59-gp32 interactions are non-essential for the co-occupancy of both proteins on ssDNA but are essential for the formation of structures competent for helicase assembly. The data argue that specific "cross-talk" between gp59 and gp32, involving conformational changes in both, is a key feature of the gp41 helicase assembly pathway.
doi:10.1074/jbc.274.32.22830 pmid:10428868 fatcat:gvdd4cch2ragbnq36hwviepsza