Axisymmetric tokamak scapeoff transport [report]

C.E. Singer, W.D. Langer
1982 unpublished
Ve present the first self-consistent estimate of the magnitude of each term in a fluid treatment of plasma transport for a plasma lying in regions of open field lines in an axisymmetric tokamak . The fluid consists of a pure hydrogen plasca with sources which arise from its interaction with neutral hydrogen atoms . The analysis and results are limited to the high collisionality regime, which is optimal for a gaseous neutralizer dlvertor, or to a cold plasma mantle in a tokamak reactor. In thits
more » ... k reactor. In thits regime, both classical and neoclassical transport processes are important, and loss of particles and energy by diamagnetic flow are also significant. The prospect of extending the analysis to the lower collisionality regimes encountered in many existing experiments is discussed.
doi:10.2172/6877175 fatcat:3rvtnw53grdqlaseij4lmes4gq