Improved Decoding of Linear Block Codes by Concatenated Decoders

2020 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
The use of decoding algorithms allows us to retrieve information after transmitting it over a noisy communication channel. Soft decision decoding is powerful in concatenation schemes that use two or more levels of decoding. In our case, we make a concatenation between the Hartmann & Rudolph (HR) algorithm as symbol-by-symbol decoder and the chase-2 algorithm that is word-to-word decoding algorithm. In this paper, we propose to combine two decoding algorithms for constructing a new one with more
more » ... a new one with more efficiency and less complexity. This work consists firstly to use the HR with a reduced number of codewords of the dual code then the Chase-2 algorithm which exploits the output of PHR. The simulations results and the comparisons made show that the proposed decoding scheme guarantees very good performance with reduced temporal complexity.
doi:10.35940/ijrte.e5840.018520 fatcat:deleeqzcvzec5dd4waoxvomrlm