Centrifugal pumps performance estimation with non-Newtonian fluids: review and critical analysis

Carlo Buratto, Matteo Occari, Nicola Aldi, Nicola Casari, Michele Pinelli, Pier Ruggero Spina, Alessio Suman
2017 12th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid Dynamics and hermodynamics   unpublished
Centrifugal pumps are used in many applications in which non-Newtonian fluids are involved, such as food industry and oil&gas applications, producing the pump performance derating. In order to give an overview of pros, cons of the different analytical approaches for pump performance derating a literature review on the most significant advances in this topic will be carried out. Moreover to deepen the knowledge about the internal flow and rheological behavior inside the centrifugal pumps working
more » ... fugal pumps working with non-Newtonian fluids, a detailed CFD analysis of two different pumps will be carried out. The analysis will be focus on the apparent viscosity correction involved in the performance derating with analytical methods and the effects of different types of fluid. Moreover the comparison of the results with two pumps with very different typology, field of application, and dimensions will help to generalize the meaning of the analysis. KEYWORDS centrifugal pump, non-Newtonian fluid, analytical method, computational fluid dynamics NOMENCLATURE D imp Impeller diameter [m] D h Equivalent hydraulic diameter [m] H Total head [m] η Efficiency [%] k Consistency index [Pas n ] n Viscosity index Shear rate [s -1 ] ρ Density [kg/m 3 ] Q Volume flow rate [m 3 /s] v Velocity of the fluid through pipe[m/s] N Pump rotation speed [rpm] z Number of blades w Pump characteristic dimension [m] ω Pump rotation speed [rad/s] µ Dynamic viscosity [Pas] µ a Apparent viscosity [Pas] µ pl Plastic viscosity [Pas] Re = • • / Pump Reynolds number = ( ) • τ Shear stress [Pa] n s = N•Q 1/2 /H 3/4 Specific speed [m 3/4 /s 5/2 ] P Shaft power [W] BEP Best efficiency point HI Hydraulic Institute
doi:10.29008/etc2017-248 fatcat:kzjyytgwujh7dom4nh2hvyfggu