Exploration and Prospect of Future Science Teaching Mode in the Field of Metaverse

2022 Advances in Educational Technology and Psychology  
In the context of the recent new crown pneumonia epidemic, long-duration online teaching has become a new trend in teaching development. With the continuous emergence of new information technologies, such as AR, MR, VR technologies, virtual reality resources, and network environments, the metaverse field has become an important environment for future teaching development. Based on the current demand towards virtual teaching and the recent development and improvement of the metaverse field, this
more » ... paper explores the impact of the metaverse technology on science teaching, and accordingly puts forward the prospect of the science teaching model in the metaverse field, and discusses the impact of the metaverse technology on science teaching, including the teaching goals of strengthening scientific concepts, cultivating scientific thinking, encouraging inquiry practice, and clarifying attitude and responsibility; it involves the technical, environmental, and ethical conditions that need to be realized for science teaching to enter the metaverse field; the actual operation procedures that can be divided into three levels and and seven modules; the efficient, continuous, and diverse evaluation of the entire teaching activity, which provides new perspectives for solving the common problems in the current online science teaching and realizing the innovation of science teaching mode, enabling teachers and learners to accept the influence of the progress of science and technology itself in science teaching activities, and to better develop their own scientific literacy through independent inquiry and practice.
doi:10.23977/aetp.2022.060918 fatcat:pnhcqvxibrguza5pd6yzqlhdgm