Article 91 Budget [chapter]

Hans-Holger Herrnfeld
2021 European Public Prosecutor's Office  
The European Chief Prosecutor shall prepare estimates of the revenue and expenditure of the EPPO for each financial year, corresponding to the calendar year, on the basis of a proposal drawn up by the Administrative Director. Those estimates shall be shown in the budget of the EPPO. 2. The budget of the EPPO shall be balanced in terms of revenue and expenditure. 3. Without prejudice to other resources, the revenue of the EPPO shall comprise: (a) a contribution from the Union entered in the
more » ... entered in the general budget of the Union, subject to paragraphs 7 and 8; (b) charges for publications and any service provided by the EPPO. 4. The expenditure of the EPPO shall include the remuneration of the European Chief Prosecutor, European Prosecutors, European Delegated Prosecutors, the Administrative Director and the staff of the EPPO, administrative and infrastructure expenses, and operational expenditure. 5. Where European Delegated Prosecutors act within the framework of the EPPO, the relevant expenditure incurred by the European Delegated Prosecutors in the course of those activities shall be regarded as operational expenditure of the EPPO. The operational expenditure of the EPPO's shall in principle not include costs related to investigation measures carried out by competent national authorities or costs of legal aid. However, it shall, within the budget of the EPPO, include certain costs related to its investigation and prosecution activities as set out in paragraph 6. The operational expenditure shall also include the setting up of a case management system, training, missions and translations necessary for the internal functioning of the EPPO, such as translations for the Permanent Chamber. 6. Where an exceptionally costly investigation measure is carried out on behalf of the EPPO, the European Delegated Prosecutors may, on their own initiative or at the reasoned request of the competent national authorities, consult the Permanent Chamber as to whether the cost of the investigation measure could partly be met by the EPPO. Such consultations shall not delay the investigation. The Permanent Chamber may then, upon consultation with the Administrative Director and based on the proportionality of the measure carried out in the specific circumstances and the extra-ordinary nature of the cost it entails decide to accept or refuse the request, in accordance with the rules on the assessment of these criteria to be set out in the internal rules of procedure of the EPPO. The Administrative Director shall then decide on the amount of the grant to be awarded based on the available financial resources. The Administrative Director shall without delay inform the handling European Delegated Prosecutor of the decision on the amount. 7. In accordance with Article 332 TFEU, the expenditure of the EPPO referred to in paragraphs 4 and 5 of this Article shall be borne by the Member States. Member States of the European Union which do not participate in enhanced cooperation on the establishment of the EPPO shall receive an adjustment in accordance with Article 11 of Council Regulation (EU, Euratom) No 609/2014 1) .
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